Tanja Aitamurto

I'm a social scientist, influenced heavily by engineering sciences. I explore the impact of civic technologies on human behavior and society. 

My work examines civic technologies for informing, empowering, and connecting people. The empirical contexts range from virtual, mixed, and augmented reality to large-scale online collaboration systems, such as applications of collective intelligence in open and participatory journalism, deliberation and policy-making, civic crowdfunding, and applications of artificial intelligence for civic use.

I develop interdisciplinary theoretical frameworks by drawing on social psychology, democratic theory, computer science, and information systems. My work has been recognized with many awards and published in top journals, such as New Media & Society, Design Issues, Information, Communication&Society and International Journal of Communication.

My mission is to examine and design technologies that contribute to a more equal, diverse, and inclusive society with a more balanced distribution of information.

I am a postdoctoral scholar in the Department of Management Science & Engineering at Stanford, where I work in the Crowdsourced Democracy Team. 

Basically, I'm a social scientist turned almost into an engineer. Engineering is like yoga or motorcycle riding: once you start you can't stop. Welcome to my website!

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